NuDerm 6in1 System

The Nuderm System is by far the jewel in the crown when it comes to non surigical technology. Encapsulating all the essential elements that are needed to offer your clients the most up to date non surgical procedure on the market today.

The Nuderm Bespoke facial is key to this incredible machine offering all 6 individual treatments together in sequence over a 1 hour period that will leave your client feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and "hopefully" looking 10 years younger!

An initial consultation is required to gauge your clients individual skin tone/muscle resistance as well as a discussion on what resuts your client hopes to aachieve during the course.Then a course of 10 treatments is reccomended over a period of around 4-8 weeks depending on individual requirements and sensitivity levels. Once the course is completed the client then has to have 1 or 2 treatments per month to maintain the results (This is their ongoing maintenence program).

Whether a course is wanted or a quick one treatment boost, you will always see a result after the first treatment using the Nuderm System, sometimes the result will be slight, however in most cases you will see a noticeable and dramatic change in appearance, it all depends on your clients individual dermal resistance and muscle structure

Nuderm 6in1 Machine Services

Nurdem Six In One Individual Treatment Options (See Below).

Non Surgical Facial Equipment



What a fantastic way to start any aesthetic procedure, the warmth not only feels great, but also has many theraputic properties.

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Microdermabrasion is one of the most popular treatments available in today's market. It will transform your complexion and enhance your own natural beauty.

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Ultrasound is by far your trump card when it comes to achieving incredible results that have an immediate effect.

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Non-surgical facelift

You will always see a noticable and immediate lift after only one session, sometimes this can be slight, however on most occasions a dramatic visable lift is achieved.

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Cryotherapy is perfect after microdermabrasion to sooth, calm and reduce the appearance of any Epidermis.

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LED light therapy

4 key spectrums of light that will have a long lasting effect on the epidermis. Red, Grreen, Blue and Yellow Wavelengths available.

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