Here at Nuderm Skincare, we offer an extensive range of products and surfaces to offer our clients the best skin possible. We specialise in offering innovative non-invasive treatments from our clinics. Today we’re going to shine the spotlight on thermotherapy, a process is usually underused by companies within the health and beauty industry when designing machinery and equipment. As thermotherapy machine suppliers, we believe this handpiece has many benefits to offer our clients.

What is Thermotherapy?

Thermotherapy refers to the use of heat as a treatment, especially used for relieving muscular pain or stiffness. Whilst it can be as simple as using a hot water bottle or hot cloth, here at Nuderm Skincare, we can use the heat emitted from our specially designed handpiece to relax you and prepare you for additional treatments, as well as offering many benefits in its own right.

What to Expect from Thermotherapy

As well as reducing inflammation and relieving muscle spasms, the element of thermotherapy softens epidermal tissue, making the skin more pliable when carrying out different treatments. As the heat enlarges your blood vessels, this means there will be an increase in blood flow. The result of this is that any topical ingredients used through ultrasound will be circulated better, directed towards the target area. When used in combination with microdermabrasion treatment, it will be easier to exfoliate dead skin as your surface pores will be enlarged, offering a clean slate to also carry out other treatments.

Common Benefits of Thermotherapy

Thermotherapy is most commonly used for rehabilitation purposes connected with the body’s muscles and skin. It helps to increase the extensibility of collagen tissues, reducing any joint stiffness and pain. As stated, it can relieve muscle spasms and reduce swelling and inflammation. Increasing the blood flow, the treatment contains very healing properties, with the increase in blood flow also providing the relevant proteins, nutrients and oxygen necessary to heal the body.

Therapeutic Benefits of Thermotherapy

Thermotherapy has many benefits for athletes, helping to soothe muscle aches and pains to improve athletic performance, also aiding body remineralisation and improving breathing. The benefits to athletes can also be applied to everyone else, and as well as the more obvious physical benefits, thermotherapy can offer a more holistic healing, providing clients with a better sense of well-being. The use of heat can get clients into a relaxed mindset, as well as eliminating fatigue. Muscle tension can also link to the accumulation of stress and tension, which thermotherapy can help to alleviate. The peace of mind and improved mental health that you may gain from thermotherapy may also help to improve your memory and general mental alertness.

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